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We help you build a stronger relationship with self through movement, meditation & mindfulness.

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We believe wellness is an all-encompassing way of life. Through proper nutrition, mental, spiritual health, exercise, and healing modalities our goal is to help you discover the most optimal version of yourself. Founder and CEO, Heather Hillier creates each studio to reflect the belief that wellness is a relationship with oneself.


We know health is an extremely personal practice, we encourage our students to let go of judgement so that they can focus on their own transformation.

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We offer meditation and power yoga in two Huntington Beach locations and in beautiful Petaluma. Our clients learn focus their attention inward by connecting the body and through the restorative practice of yoga.


Sweating supports healing through natural detoxification from the skin. Saunas are helpful in removing toxins from the body and they have been shown to improve physical health. Consistent sessions encourage healing through mindful breathing, relaxation, and proper hydration.


Barre is super-energizing and great for everyone. We provide barre to help build alignment, strengthen your core, and tone up. Barre improves posture, enhances flexibility, reduces stress, and increases


Pilates is the perfect workout for your entire body. Even though the main focus of Pilates is on developing your core strength, this amazing workout is great for recovering from back pain, improving mobility, and conditioning your ability to focus and concentrate.

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